About Shyam

Who Am I

Born in the UK to a father who served in the Indian government, I overcame early hardships after losing both parents in my youth and carved my own path through my trials and errors. At an early age,  I developed a keen disciple for tenacity and integrity in order to attain success. Starting my career at an investment house in London, I quickly achieved remarkable success, earning recognition and conducting over £100M worth of business. From there, I established my own insurance and financial advisory business before transitioning into the hotel industry. In 2006, I purchased my first apartment hotel in London, which grew to a multiple expansion. Today, I lead a private bespoke financial business, empowering others with less knowledge to find their worth and value through affordable property ownership and frugal business choices and living the philosophy that anything is achievable with determination, dedication and the drive to excel !

Shyam Batra Mayor

Why I Am here

I am deeply troubled by the current state of the city. It saddens me to witness residents being taken advantage of and victimised by a defunct policy system. I am fully committed to devoting my energy and passion to this cause.

I understand that the road ahead will be challenging, with days and nights filled with overwhelming obstacles. It is precisely these difficulties that we must overcome to regain and restore our city to its rightful place. 

Your support is vital in creating a safe and thriving London where our future generations can flourish as pioneers, entrepreneurs, educators, and successful individuals. Together, we can elevate our city to the forefront of the world and shine as a beacon of hope for others to follow.