Address Londoners' concerns through an open door policy. Ensure transparency through televised progress updates every quarter. Increase police presence and morale, alongside community interaction. Align with Londoners’ to identify crime perpetrators. Collaborate with Mayors worldwide to boost economy.


Freeze public transportation fares until January 2026. Eliminate useless transportation taxes. More affordable housing opportunities for all Londoners. Tax benefits for businesses collaborating with infrastructure. Implement robotic technologies for crime prevention.


Increase the minimum hourly wage. Implement grants for businesses start-ups. 24-hour soup kitchens and better living standards for homeless. Provide sustainable assistance for single parents. Walk-in first aid centers and mental health services in each borough.


Awareness to implement stricter penalties and prevention measures for knife crimes. Enhance school security with Ai. Educate students on knife crime consequences. Activate youth centers across boroughs for constructive activities. Foster Mentorship program to encourage vibrant youth entrepreneurs.